Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're new to this Blog thing...

So here we are, writing a blog. Since this it the first blog post we've ever written, we don't know what the proper blog etiquette is. Do we write an introduction to our family, or do we just start right into our every day life like we've been writing forever? Jeremy thinks we should start right in with a story about Tyler, I feel like we can't just jump in without giving a brief history. Since we all know that the woman's opinion is the one that matters the most (or at least it's the one that always wins), we're going to start with a brief history of our family for those of you WAY out of the loop:

Jeremy and I married in December of 2003. After we married, Jeremy moved me out to Logan so he could finish school there. This I was happy to do, until the day I arrived and realized that he had in essence moved me to the depths of the arctic. Seriously, I was so cold that winter that I had brief questioning thoughts like "what have I done?!". It's a good thing that Jeremy's such a good man (and also a human furnace), or else I don't think I would have made it past that first year.I got a job in marketing at HyClone and put Jeremy through school. Later we moved to Brigham City to help my aging and wonderful grandma. We continued to travel to Logan to go to school and work every day. A highlight of that time was when Jeremy got accepted to the Master's program in Human Resources. He had to take week long courses and studied like crazy for the GMAT, so when he got in, we were very excited. He graduated with his master's degree in Dec of 2006.

Shortly thereafter he got offered a job at The Daily Herald in Provo as the Director of Human Resources. I'll admit that I was conflicted with this position. Not because I didn't think it was a good opportunity, but mostly because it was located in the dreaded "Utah County". Utah County would annoy me for several reasons, the first being that everybody from Utah County would say that they're from Utah County. Nowhere else on the planet would somebody say that they're from a certain county. You don't hear me saying "I'm from Davis County." No, I'm from Layton. And if people from Layton heard me say that I was from "Davis County" I would get strange looks.I thought that people from Utah County (no offense to anyone of you out there) think that the whole of Utah County is some sacred place, and apparenly don't want to claim a city exclusively because it's one big happy family south of the Point of the Mountain. Anyway, let's just say that growing up in "Davis County" prejudiced me from wanting to ever move anywhere in the Utah County area. Therefore, we decided to move to what we considered the outskirts of the aforementioned county. We moved to Eagle Mountain in May of 2007. This was before we heard all the news about the scandelous "politicians" that govern the city. We console ourselves by saying that we live in "The Ranches" which is much nicer than Eagle Mountain City.

Pretty much as soon as we moved into our house we got pregnant and Tyler Jeremy was born on February 2 of 2008. It wasn't what they call an "easy labor". For those of you who haven't had children, don't kid yourselves. You hear all those stories about how wonderful the epideral is. Well what if it doesn't work? Let's just say, I learned what pain and exhaustion was that day. But it was definately worth it. He really is the joy of our lives. We can't imagine a cuter baby (I know you have a cute baby, but seriously, yours is going to have to come in second).

Now, I know I down talked Utah County a lot, but let me just say that we've grown to LOVE our neighborhood and neighbors. Our ward is great. We feel like we've moved here for a reason. Maybe that reason is that the Lord wanted me to stop dissing the "Chosen" County. I'm slowly repenting.

Besides Tyler the other big news of the year has been that Jeremy lost his job at The Herald in July of last year. He was laid off due to the horrible newspaper market. Never in a million years would I have guessed that he would have been out of a job this long. But then the economy fell and suddenly there's huge amounts of competion in the job market, many of the competitors apparently having more experience than Jeremy has. So it's been a long hard road these last 8 months or so. But we've also never felt so blessed before. When we run out of money, there will be some food on our front step, or someone will call Jeremy to do an odd job. The ward and neighbors have been wonderful to us, as well as our wonderful families. I know that they have been answers to our prayers. It's very humbling to take gifts from others, and I have never been faced with that before. We've learned many valuable lessons from this. After so long without a job, however, you find yourself saying "Enough with the lessons already... Please, just somebody hire me!" We just keep praying and having faith that something will happen soon. So any prayers in our behalf will be greatly appreciated.

Well, in a nutshell, that's us. Welcome to the window into our lives