Monday, April 6, 2009

A face like this can only mean one thing: Jeremy got a job!!!!

So here's the low down: Thursday morning Jeremy had the interview with the HR Director as mentioned in the prior post. He was told at the end of the interview that he'd get a call from them "later that week or on Monday". We were completely bummed because we just wanted to KNOW, and we didn't want to have to stress it all weekend long. I had just begun to make french toast for dinner (I know, fancy huh?!) when Jeremy got the call. The GM offered Jeremy the job. He'll be the HR Representative for G&K in Utah. As soon as Jeremy hung up the phone we were both crying. Tyler was laughing at us because he didn't know what was going on. We then got on our knees and thanked the Lord for helping us through our trials. We cried some more, and then started calling family and friends. I can't describe what it feels like to finally have that stress gone. It's amazing that we could physically feel it being lifted off of our shoulders. Suddenly life is brighter and we're just happy little clams. Jeremy's a little nervous to get back into the workforce, but I know he'll be great. I think the hardest part will be leaving little Tyler. The light in all of this is that Jeremy has been able to spend so much time with Tyler. Tyler couldn't love his daddy more, and I know that it will be a hard adjustment for both of them. Jeremy starts his new job this upcoming Monday. It's just so exciting, and a huge relief! I just can't believe that we've made it this long without him working. We've truly been blessed!!

One downside of Jeremy getting a job: I think I've gained three pounds this weekend. What do you do when you celebrate? That's right. Eat. And we've eaten a lot. My parents, along with Emily, Brent & Becca came that night to celebrate with us. We ate at Porters because Jeremy wanted a steak. Unfortunately Tyler's teeth were hurting him so badly that he screamed the whole time we were there, so we had to take turns holding him in the car. His medicine kicked in right before it was time to leave. Our good friends Kelly and Melanie Summers (who we suspect are the only ones who read this blog... Hi guys!) also dropped by that night and brought Jeremy balloons and root beer floats. Mmmm... Then we spent the weekend with my twin brother Jeff and his wife Alicia and ate. Then, we ate more. Finally, we ate again, until my stomach could take no more. Needless to say, I'm on a diet for the next 10 weeks to make up for that one weekend.

And now, a story: Friday morning Jeremy remembered that it was garbage day and that he had to get the garbage can out within the next 2 minutes or we'd be forced to live another week holding our noses while we pass the big black can. He went outside in his garment top and pajama pants and neglected to put on his shoes. Unfortunately, it was snowing and there was mushy blanket of slush covering our driveway. Now, any of you who have been to our house know about our dreaded driveway. It's pitched at a 45 degree angle up to our house, and in the winter, it's a nightmare. Anyhoo, Jeremy comes back inside after taking the garbage can out and he has a sad look on his face. He begins to whimper to get my attention. I asked him what was wrong. Apparently, he was taking out the garbage and slipped on the slush. Down he went, along with the garbage can, sliding all the way down on his bum. He stopped at the end of the driveway, but the garbage can kept going into the street. Garbage was everywhere. Looking back, I wish I had taken a picture of his wet bum when he came back in. "Did anybody see you?" I wondered. Because I'm pretty sure they were laughing if they did. "I think Becky Anderson did!" He replied. I'll have to ask her about it next time at church. I'm sure we'll have a good chuckle about it.

One more thing of note (I know, it's getting to be like a novel)... I was going to take Tyler out to the park today, so I got him all ready and then was putting on my socks and shoes. Somehow Tyler fell and hit his mouth on my dresser. Again, there was blood everywhere. He cut his little lip. This is his first little accident that involved any blood, and I wondered how I was supposed to clean a cut on a mouth. Because he just wanted to suck on it. Then I started wondering how I knew if he needed stitches or not. So I ended up calling one of the experts: My mom. She suggested letting him suck on ice. I had something better: A frozen "Gogurt". It ended up being a brilliant idea because it stopped the crying AND the bleeding. Thanks, mom.

I'll end with a picture or two I took of Tyler's haircut. Before:

After (I took these today. I didn't do his hair, but you get the idea):


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  1. I wish we could have seen Jeremy sliding down the driveway amongst all the garbage Ü We are so excited about Jeremy's job - hopefully he and Tyler can adjust. Dinner was great last night, thanks again!