Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Easter Story

So this is a little late, I know. Our computer has been "out of order" for the last week, and thanks to Jeff, it's fixed again! Hooray! It's sad how much we missed this thing. I can't buy anything without researching it online now, and Jeremy gets his sports fix every evening. We heart computers, I guess. It's sad but true.

Now, I was going to fill you in on Easter weekend. Friday we went and got my mom and dad and headed on up to Logan. What's in Logan besides cheese and cows? Well, there's baby cows. And as it turns out, lots of other kinds of baby animals. Since Tyler's vocabulary is almost entirely made up of animal noises, we took him to Baby Animal Days at Wheeler Farm. Jeremy and I have been before when we lived up there. The place is packed with kids and frazzled parents with cameras in hand. They have this early in the year to ensure that the mud (and stuff) is up to your ankles so that you get the full farm effect. Needless to say, Tyler had a blast. Tyler got to see and touch the following animals (because I'm sure you're interested): A full sized ox, goats, chickens, bunnies, ducks, cows, pigs, horses, sheep and even a little turtle. At one point he got so overwhelmed with everything that was going on that we took him off to the side where there wasn't any people. He stood by the little coraled pony and gathered his little thoughts until he was fine again. It was sensory overload for the poor little guy. The animals were great fun and he loved to touch all of them. He got to quack at the duck and the chickens, moo at the cow, and baa at the seep. His favorite thing by far, though, was the guy dressed up like a big, smiling, somewhat scary-looking bunny. We were standing in line to see him and Tyler was waving to him the whole time. When it was finally our turn he was so excited. We set him on the bunny-man's lap and he just sat there with a little shy grin. When I felt like we were done, I held out my hands to get him and he didn't want to leave the bunny. He sat there, not doing or saying anything, but just wanting to stay there. The bunny-man must have thought it was cute because he gave him a big squeeze and a pat on the head. I picked Tyler up and he immediately started crying and blowing the bunny-man kisses through the tears. It was then that we realized that we'd have to purchase a gigantic bunny suit.

Anyway, that was fun. Tyler wouldn't even try the cotton candy, though. Seriously, that kid is missing out. He also doesn't eat chocolate chip cookies. Or cake. He doesn't get these oddities from my side of the family. Also, I mentioned before that he mostly says barn yard animal words... That got me thinking that maybe, for future reference, I ought to list the other words he now says while it's still short. Here it goes in no particular order: Quack, Moo, Arff, Meow, Baa, shoe, more, wha?, ball, car, church, Mom, Da, nana (banana), boo(k), no, yes. Sometimes we think he says other things, but they haven't been repeated more than once or twice, so we don't know for sure. Tyler also loved hunting for eggs and finding little surprises in them. In fact, he probably enjoyed opening and closing the easter eggs and gasping every time at the prize than the prize itself.

In other news, Jermey's liking his job. He's been training with all the other departments so far, and so hasn't really done any of his own job. But he likes his boss and the employees that he's met thus far. It seems that most people who work there stay there for a long time. That says something about the work environment. Anyway, I won't go into detail, but we're just so happy he has this job. Jeremy comes home happy from work every day, I'm happy when he comes home. I think it will be a while before you hear him lamenting, "I have to go to work tomorrow". We count work as a blessing!!


  1. Those are really cute pictures of Tyler--thanks for sharing!

  2. Definitely not my cup of tea with all those stinkin' animals, but it looks like Tyler had a great time.