Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Night in Review

So a couple interesting things of note happened last night.

Story #1: I woke up sometime in the middle of the night last night because Jeremy was getting out of bed. I look over, and he's looking at the things on the top of our high dresser. "What are you doing?" I wonder.
"Where's the baby?!" He says with an alarmed voice.
"He's asleep," I answer, annoyed that I'm awake for this little sleep walking drama.
Jeremy then starts picking stuff up off the dresser. I don't have much up there, but what I do have happens to be breakable: A potted plant, a vase and a statue my sister gave me. "Where is he?" He says again.
"He's asleep in his room."
"Here, hold this." He hands me the potted plant. I reach out, because I know that he may drop it if I don't.
"Jeremy, wake up. Put all that stuff back." He has the statue and the wedding picture in his hand. "Wake up!"
He stands there confused. Then he fumbles around with the picture, trying to stand it back up. It takes a while. Then he just stands there. "Here, take this plant from me. I want to go back to sleep." So he does, and then climbs back into bed, snoring away.

Story #2: This morning Jeremy went to go get Tyler out of bed and found that there was blood everywhere. At first, there's shock, then concern. But immediately he deduced from the caked blood all over his face that it had come from his "dot". Tyler has had a little red dot that sticks out on his cheek for a couple months. The doctor said it was either a red mole or a hemangioma. So we were going to wait it out and see if it went away on it's own. Well, apparently he rubbed that thing off his face sometime during the night. The result was blood and more blood. It looked like a bloody crime scene in there. So I spent the morning stain treating and washing all the bed linens and blankets, along with the bed slats. It's times like these when you're always reminded of CSI. And I could see them coming into my home to investigate a crime (that I obviously didn't commit) and shining those little blue lights everywhere. They'd shine it on the crib. "Something obviously happened in here. They tried to clean it up. They always think that they can fool us." And then Grissom will tell a inappropriate-for-a-grizzly-murder-scene-joke, after which the theme song will start playing. I'm pleased to report, however, that Tyler is fine and it apparently didn't hurt him at all because he didn't wake up in the night crying.

In other news, we think Jeremy has a chance at getting this job at G&K. He's had five interviews with them thus far, for a total time of about 9 hours talking with them. They were supposed to give an answer today, but they called last night and asked him to talk to the HR Director that is in Alabama. So that's tomorrow morning, and then the GM said he'd call him later that evening. So we're hoping all of this is a formality. If it's not and Jeremy doesn't get the job, then they're really bad decision makers (who's ever heard of 6 interviews?!) and he wouldn't want to work there anyway. But, we're crossing our fingers that this long and grueling trial will be over within the next couple of days.

Tyler is also finally cutting his upper teeth. He's getting four of them at once. He never had a problem with teething with his two lower teeth, so I wasn't too worried about this round of newcomers. I was dead wrong about that, though. He's been an ornery little boy the past couple of days on and off and we don't really know what to do for him. He doesn't like to chew on things like other babies do, so I just give him his Binky and try to distract him. When it seems like he's really hurting I'll give him a little Tylenol and that seems to help. Poor little guy.

One other thing, we've decided to have this be a private blog. So, any of you who would like to have access to our blog, please give me your email address and I'll give you access.



  1. First of all, wow! Quite a few things happening at the Walker home. Second, I've got some Jack Daniels that you can use for Tyler, I'm sure he will quiet right down after a bottle of that. And good luck with the last interview, we are praying for you guys. I think it'll happen. Let us know.

  2. I hope Jeremy gets the job! They should have at least put him on the payroll by now due to the number of hours he has invested!

    You guys have been busy and I am really impressed that you didn't punch or kick Jeremy to wake him up (I would have).

    Also, we better be invited to your blog.