Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Staycation and other Tidbits

My brothers and sister and their families decided to go to Florida on vacation this month. Because Jeremy just got a new job, we thought it best if we didn't go. So, my parents had the awesome idea of doing an overnight "staycation". They booked us hotel rooms in downtown Salt Lake. We had a great time, and Tyler loved spending all that time with Grandma and Grandpa! On Friday night we met in SL and went to The Gateway. We had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant that brings different kinds of meats to your table. Jeremy was literally in Hog Heaven! He hadn't eaten that much meat in a long, long time! We walked around the Gateway and Tyler got to throw pennies in the water fountain. The downside to that was that then he thought that he should get to go retrieve the pennies so he could throw them again. Needless to say, he was quite upset that he didn't get to go for a swim that day. Grandpa did buy him a blue sucker, which he loved (see pictures). The next day we went to the zoo. It couldn't have been nicer whether. Tyler's favorite part was the bird show and the big park. We had a really good time. After the zoo Tyler fell asleep and wasn't going to wake up for anything. So we went and saw the new Star Trek movie, which ended up being better than I had expected. We had a great time. Thanks mom and dad!!

In other news, we decided to go ahead and pour an extended driveway and new concrete steps this week. It's something that we really can't afford, but you have to do your part to stimulate the economy, right? So once we get some plants in, our front yard won't look too bad at all! I'll have to see if I hapen to have any before pictures and post pictures of afterward. A lot of elbow grease and a bucket full of money later, I hope you'll be able to see a difference! Then, it's on to the back yard I suppose. There's always something, right?

One last thing... So I decided in an effort to save money, I'd start cutting Tyler's hair. I decided, however, to do it without the appropriate cutting supplies. I used Jeremy's beard trimmer. It had an attachment for hair, but it was one that you could adjust to the different lengths. So I'm trimming away, and so far, so good. And then I go to do the top, and put it on the longest cut. Only the attachment slipped down to the lowest size as I was trimming, so it took a big chunk of his hair out! I decided to trim the rest with scissors and cut the rest of it longer in an effort to hide the chunk I took out. Oh, and then I put on another attachment, because it didn't adjust and it said "5" on it. Apparently it was a beard size 5, which is different from a hair size five, because I also put a little bald spot on the back of his head. Nice. From far away it looks really cute, but up close, it's embarrassing. So I guess I'm investing in some hair cutting tools that are more appropriate for the job. Did I mention in another post that Tyler's walking everywhere now too and is learning new words on a seemingly daily basis? Well, it's true, and he's so cute!

The following are pictures from our staycation:




  1. Very cute pictures. I love the blue sucker picture. I find myself wondering if Kelly's "clean gene" will allow for moments such as this. I was actually really shocked at how well he handled "the incident" the other day with Puddles. Normally, he would have been dry heaving if that had happened to somebody else! This should be interesting...

  2. Just so you know, my little buddy puddles can do no wrong...I was fine. Your 'staycation' sounded like a lot of fun I am glad you guys got to do that.

    Your posts are always entertaining, keep 'em up.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! I'm glad you guys had fun at the i just gotta see if i can get mom and dad to buy ME a vacation too!